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As you land on or communicate with our webpages, apps, tools or services, we or our authorized partners might use cookies, web beacons and similar technologies for collecting data in order to serve you with an enhanced and speedy experience and also for the purpose of advertising.

This particular webpage intends to assist you in better understanding these technologies and how they are used by us on our websites, tools, apps and services. A brief account on the key aspects of use of these technologies in our sites has been presented in the next section. You might also like to review the detailed User Cookie Notice, presented below.

The cookies and other similar technologies used in our site serve different purposes. Some of them are vital for smooth working of the site, some are important for an efficient performance, some enable us to offer you added functionalities and some make it possible to serve you with more targeted advertisements.

We use session-dependent as well as persistent cookies and other similar technologies on our site; and you can block, disable or even delete these technologies if that is allowed by your system. Managing the cookies or setting cookie preferences is also possible through your browser settings.

We use a unique identifier to ensure the best protection of the user information stored in cookies and other similar technologies used on our sites to prevent unauthorized access to the data.

Our service providers work as our partners enabling us in different aspects of our business, starting from smooth operation of the site, applications, tools and services to serving advertisements. We would like to assure you that we employ only authorized service providers to assist us in serving you with pertinent advertisements. These services might also place third party cookies in your system through our service in order to gather data that can help them identify your device uniquely through IP or other identifiers.