My Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


We request you to fill all the details in the registration form. Then
further information is required while filling any survey or opting
for newsletter from our website. In details, we ask you to enter
information in fields such as name, user id, email id, address,
contact number and credit card information if required. There is also
an alternative to visiting the website as guest login.

of the information:

We lay emphasis in improving our website. Hence, the information
collected from you will be utilized to improve our website and
enhance your visiting experience. We aim at providing better customer
service and both positive & negative feedback from you will help
us improve. If you are purchasing anything then card information is
required to process the transaction. Then this information is used in
email marketing.

your email address is very important because all future update
regarding the transaction and offers will be communicated an email
only. Usually, there is plenty of information sent from a website. In
case you feel irritated by these promotional emails, you can always
unsubscribe it.


Numerous security measures are applied for preserving your personal
information. A secured server is preferred for safety of personal
database of the visitors. All sensitive information is transmitted
using SSL technology and encryption for payment gateway. As a
prevention of data theft, no sensitive information on credit cards
and SSN are stored on any server.

of Cookies:

The website uses cookies to remember some important information so
that you don’t have to enter the same data again and again. The
cookies keep a track of website traffic and website interaction.
These cookies keep a track of visitor data according to which
advertisement and other tools function on the website.

Disclosure to Unauthorized Partner about personal information:

No selling or trading of data is accepted to any outside party. We
never disclose any sensitive data to anybody. Complying with the law,
we may share nonpersonal information as visitor identification which
further helps other parties to define market sectors and advertising


At our discretion we may offer services in collaboration with the
third party. These parties have their own policies to which they
adhere. Hence, there is no liability and accountability for the
activities from these websites. We dedicatedly seek to safeguard the
veracity and reliability of our website and welcome your advice. This
policy is only applicable for any data collected through our website
and not with any other resource.